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Is there really a big difference between wearing and not wearing a watch?

How much difference can a person make between wearing a watch and not wearing a watch? It feels like a new dress for the first time, it always makes you feel confident, and if you wear a watch on a regular basis, you’ll also feel formal or accomplished.

Now the watch is given a lot of positive meanings, such as the concept of time, maturity, stability and taste symbol, often wear a watch people feel that the work will be more reliable kind of, the workplace needs is to work steady people, if you often wear a watch, will give people a good impression, of course, for a long time, depending on your character, if you do not know for a long time, or to see customers, wear a stuhrling mechanical watch, others on your first impression will be good.

In addition, many companies in the workplace require the wearing of more formal clothes, the watch at this time plays the role of an accessory, can be said to be the standard of formal wear. Wearing a formal dress and a watch gives off a very formal, valued feeling.

Men wear watches with a sense of security, and watches may not seem to have anything to do with security, but some users have said that the watch’s metallic steel and sturdy sapphire crystal mirror can block a few knives in critical moments. It’s funny, but when you think about it, there’s still a bit of truth to it, which is another way of looking at it.

So for most people, the difference between wearing or not wearing a watch is still pretty big.

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