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Are watches really a must-have for men?

Seeing everyone else wearing a more atmospheric and tasteful watch, many people wonder if watches are a necessity for men these days.

This needs to be determined from two aspects, one is personal preference, if an individual prefers to wear a watch, it must be worn every day as a necessity. The second is the needs of the job, depending on the industry you work in, if the people you come into contact with at work have the habit of wearing a watch, or often attend the occasion needs a watch with clothing, then I guess whether you like it or not, the watch is your necessity.

Some people are also influenced by the nature of their work, because watches are afraid of falling and water, so for some jobs, wearing a watch can get in the way and they don’t know much about watches, so they feel that watches are dispensable, just like any other accessory.

Some people are more prescriptive and often go in and out of various formal occasions and also wear suits a lot. Such a person may feel that a watch is a necessity for a man, and he may buy a few watches to wear in exchange, but the individual is not keen on watches, he just thinks that he needs them for certain occasions.

The other type of watch is very interested in watches, and will research watches, read all kinds of information about watches, and I am sure that I have a few watches of good value or good value for money. Take the stuhrling mechanical watch, the whole watch has a design sense, a hollowed out dial, fine workmanship, a more elegant sun, moon and stars and a more practical dual time zone function, which is more popular with everyone.

In my opinion, most of the people who wear watches are already working, not that they have to wear a watch when they go to work, but wearing a proper watch will definitely add points.

We all know that the existence of a watch is an accessory for people nowadays, used to match clothing and show personal charm, and we all say that a watch can make people look competent, mature and stable and tasteful, so this is also the reason why many people nowadays wear a watch even though they can easily know the time.

So whether a watch is a must-have for men or not, it all depends on the individual.

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Is there really a big difference between wearing and not wearing a watch?

How much difference can a person make between wearing a watch and not wearing a watch? It feels like a new dress for the first time, it always makes you feel confident, and if you wear a watch on a regular basis, you’ll also feel formal or accomplished.

Now the watch is given a lot of positive meanings, such as the concept of time, maturity, stability and taste symbol, often wear a watch people feel that the work will be more reliable kind of, the workplace needs is to work steady people, if you often wear a watch, will give people a good impression, of course, for a long time, depending on your character, if you do not know for a long time, or to see customers, wear a stuhrling mechanical watch, others on your first impression will be good.

In addition, many companies in the workplace require the wearing of more formal clothes, the watch at this time plays the role of an accessory, can be said to be the standard of formal wear. Wearing a formal dress and a watch gives off a very formal, valued feeling.

Men wear watches with a sense of security, and watches may not seem to have anything to do with security, but some users have said that the watch’s metallic steel and sturdy sapphire crystal mirror can block a few knives in critical moments. It’s funny, but when you think about it, there’s still a bit of truth to it, which is another way of looking at it.

So for most people, the difference between wearing or not wearing a watch is still pretty big.

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About Price

The main question is how much difference is there between quality and price, and frankly the implicit relationship between equal quality, popularity and price in a watch is well understood. It was after I bought the watch that I started doing a little research. This brand of cedar belongs to the Swatch Group, a large group of watch quality I think is completely OK, cedar itself in Switzerland local sales are very good, Europe also has a good market, but in China compared to the similar price of Tissot Medo and other niche, not expensive, the domestic wearers compared to the brand of these full street bumping is not much. It’s not bad to say the price is low, but the brand pricing is really good value for money compared to its class. At my age, I don’t like fancy watches anymore, it’s better to keep a low profile and mature, it’s best to hold most occasions. The overall style of the Citroën is more in line, the configuration from the movement to the dial is very reliable, and the price of five or six thousand is not too stressful. Apart from turtles, the PH200M, which was sold very well last year, is very popular for business and leisure, but it has been out of stock. Then the Turtles came out with a special model this year and switched to this one. About the wife said the problem of the counter in the water: cedar belongs to the waterproof watch, the original listened to the wife said soak in the water I do not believe, after passing through the counter purposely went to look really … … The counter sister and I introduced a pass, do not remember much, the impression is relatively deep is that there is a double insurance technology, so soak in water is also to let everyone know about its waterproofness more directly. Those who know how to watch should know that a very important point of water resistance is the crown gasket, this position greatly affects the water resistance, remove the crown waterproof performance may be finished. It is said that even if you remove the crown and leave it in the water, the watch is still waterproof (theoretically so, but it is not recommended to remove the water bubble when you have nothing to do…). The special edition I just bought is 300m water resistant, and this one is a professional dive watch with 300m water resistance. The clasp also has a telescoping mechanism to fit the wrist while diving, so deep divers are right to buy this. The diving performance of dive watches, by the way, is certified by the international standard called ISO6425, which is a professional dive watch certification by big brands like Blancpain and Cartier, if you are interested, you can check it out, it is very strict anyway. In short, it is only through this certification that the words “Diver’s Watch” are stamped on the watch. Dive watch wearers might want to look at their watches to see if they meet this demanding standard. Some of the so-called dive watch manufacturers boast their own waterproof meters, the price is set at an exorbitantly high level, and in fact all of them are really used when GG. After all, there are only a few big brands in the world that can pass this certification, and Citroen is the most cost-effective in this. With the exception of Rolex, of course, its own dive watch is also very demanding, just not internationally certified, using its own strict standards. Overall, the price of the watch may not be the only reference to the quality of this watch, but the quality of the brand’s investment in the design, movement, additional performance is not comparable to the eighteen-line miscellaneous brand, so there will certainly be a standard pricing, 100,000 level, thousand level and under a hundred dollars of watch quality is certainly not the same. As a pragmatist, I’m still looking for a balance of price/performance in my watch selection, and how to find a watch with the best appearance and quality within my budget is the key. Personally, I think that if you choose between 5000-1W, it is still a good value for money, and the brand premium is not much added. Of course, if you have a lot of money to spend, you can buy a more expensive watch. If we start with the price/performance ratio, we should choose the one with good performance and not so expensive, after all, we don’t need to play with the more expensive one (mainly, we can’t afford it).